Transport assessment and modelling

Transport assessment and modelling

PBA has extensive experience in successfully undertaking transport assessment for land development projects and regeneration projects across all the sectors, including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP).

Our geographical coverage across the UK allows us to draw on local experience and relationships with local authorities, Highways England, Transport Scotland, Transport for London and other key stakeholders when advising our clients. Our understanding of the wider transport context has allowed us to unlock many complicated sites for future development.

PBA produces Transport Assessment and Transport Statement documents with the aim of meeting the key drivers for those promoting the site and the policy objective of creating sustainable development. PBA is able to engage a multi-disciplinary approach to identify viable and proportionate multi-modal solutions.

PBA recognises that transport modelling is not exclusively aimed at analytically predicting the impact of future changes in travel demand, transport facilities and transport and land use policy. It fundamentally helps decision makers to visualise and comprehend the effects of new development on movement and the relationship between people, places and the surrounding transport network.

PBA uses a full range of transport modelling techniques and software packages for accessibility planning, demand forecasting and pedestrian, micro-simulation and strategic multi-modal modelling. We are adept at assisting clients in the interpretation of model outcomes and market leaders in the application of behavioral economics to transport modelling and know how to tackle emerging issues relevant to current transport policies.


Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Director – Economics

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