Environmental management


Environmental management

Optimal project performance relies on accurate identification of effects on the environment. Our experienced team draws upon the impact assessment process to identify environmental risks and define realistic and measurable environmental outcomes capable of being managed and monitored during project implementation and into the future.

An agreed approach to environmental management and monitoring helps build stakeholder confidence and supports development of monitoring protocols of the type set to become mandatory when the recent changes to the EIA Directive (2014/52/EU) are transposed into UK law in May 2017.

Our services include:

Construction Environmental Management Plans: to ensure all relevant environmental provisions are captured in a contractor’s method of works.

Environmental monitoring: focussed activities to ensure planned management and mitigation measures specified to protect the environment are delivered, effective and adaptive.

Site waste management plans: to ensure financial implications of waste are considered, helping contractors to reduce waste generation and supporting beneficial financial outcomes.

Environmental and Ecological Clerk of Works: onsite environmental managers ensure effective implementation of environmental practices into the construction process.

Development Consent Order environmental management plans: development of the post consent strategies and monitoring required to ensure compliance with the Development Consent Order granted for major infrastructure projects.

Environmental permitting: preparation, submission and monitoring of environmental permits of projects subject to the Environmental Permitting Regulations.

BREEAM compliance appraisal: ensuring all elements of BREEAM requirements are delivered to ensure maximum credit scores.

ISO 14001 and 50001 Environmental and Energy Management: development of effective strategies and support in auditing, monitoring and verification.

Our team specifies management and monitoring measures that are project focused and proportionate to the nature, location and size of the scheme. Our integrated environmental approach, calls upon the expertise of relevant technical experts, ensuring these measures are effective in optimising environmental performance while managing costs during project implementation.


Key people

Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

Director – Energy and Natural Resources

Dermot Scanlon

Dermot Scanlon

Director – Major Infrastructure

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