Acoustics and air quality


Acoustics and air quality

We provide assessment and design advice for feasibility and planning studies, construction and demolition phases, and final commissioning. Our advice helps ensure the protection and enhancement of air quality and the acoustic environment, contributing to delivery of the best possible project outcomes.

Our services include:

Environmental acoustics: we undertake noise measurement and prediction services utilising advanced 3D computer-based noise modelling, to ensure that the designs are of the highest quality.

Industrial, architectural and building acoustics: we design building envelopes, structural and interior elements to ensure that buildings perform as intended, with noise and vibration levels appropriately managed.

Vibration: we advise on the design of sensitive buildings and structures (such as laboratories and historic premises) to protect them from vibration. We also provide advice on the monitoring and management of noise and vibration on demolition and construction sites.

Dust and odour: we provide detailed appraisal, monitoring and modelling services that consider the effects of dust and odour from industrial and construction sites, and advice on mitigation and control measures.

Emissions: we undertake detailed dispersion modelling of road traffic and industrial emissions and ensure that our recommendations accord with local policies, project requirements and stakeholder interests through informed consultation with regulators.

Expert Witness: we understand the need for robust science-based evidence and provide credible Expert Witness services on all aspects of acoustics and air quality at Appeal Inquiries, Select Committees, Examinations in Public and Local Plan Inquiries.

Our consultants are all members of the Institute of Acoustics and the Institute of Air Quality Management. PBA is also a member of the Association of Noise Consultants.


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David Walker

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