Thames Tideway Tunnel



Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major new sewer for London. The width of three London buses, the 25 kilometre interception, storage and transfer tunnel will be up to 67 metres below ground. It will be the largest sewer upgrade since Victorian times.

PBA is proud to be working on this Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. Since 2010, we've been providing support in the dedicated project office in a variety of roles in connection with the preparation of DCO application material, providing support during the examination of the draft DCO - one of the largest applications in the country - and now, post-consent, in the project delivery phase.

As part of this role, our staff managed the multi-disciplinary teams undertaking the assessments relating to environmental impacts, health, transport and energy & carbon footprint. With lots of very sensitive receptors being affected, noise and vibration was a major concern on this project, so we provided acoustics support to satisfy all those who would be affected by the work. We also provided support to the client in the extensive rounds of stakeholder and public consultation and during the examination of the draft DCO.

Following consent of the project, we are now working on its implementation. We've provided environmental planners into the client’s team on a secondment basis to lead the assessment process. This included taking overall responsibility for the western section of the works and multiple environmental disciplines. Our role required close working across company boundaries to ensure that best outcomes could be achieved. Our environmental planners are continuing our support to this project through secondments and technical support to the contractor team.

Transport strategy

During the seven-year construction period, some eight million tonnes of spoil and materials will require transportation on- and off-site. The project requires that the potential impacts on the transport network, users, the environment and local residents are minimised. PBA has been central to developing the project’s construction traffic strategy, including the costs and benefits of using the Thames for moving materials by river, rail and road. Following consent of the project, we have been retained to help monitor the application of project-wide construction logistics plans.