Sutton Bridge Tidal Sluice



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    South Holland Internal Drainage Board

Sutton Bridge Tidal Sluice

The Sutton Bridge Tidal Sluice protects the South Holland Main Drain from the tidal reaches of the River Nene. The twin steel lift gates allow fluvial discharge during low tides, but close to protect over 20,000 hectares of the District during high tides. Constructed in 1938, the sluice still provides an integral part of the tidal defences to over 8,000 properties.

The 20 tonne, 8m wide, steel sluice doors were severely corroded in the “wetted zone” and approaching the end of their serviceable life. Replacement or major refurbishment was required to ensure continued flood protection to the upstream catchment. We were appointed to inspect the doors, assess options, and then procure, manage and supervise the works.

Following an economic appraisal, we identified refurbishment as the preferred option. The doors were carefully removed and repaired in a temporary building erected adjacent to the sluice on site. They were fitted with new cast iron rollers and seals and given a durable paint system coating and then replaced into the sluice and commissioned to achieve a good seal.