Strategic Travel Plan, University Of Glasgow



Strategic Travel Plan, University Of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow's vision is to develop a campus that is “ for today and the future, is innovative and courageous in design, and is reflective of the University’s history and of its ambition, inspiring current and future generations” (Campus Estate Strategy Vision, 2012).

Within this context, the University appointed PBA to update the 2010-2015 Travel Plan to include wider issues of campus transport management through a Strategic Transport and Travel Plan (STTP) covering 2016-2025.

In developing the STTP, cognisance has been taken of the University’s Development Frameworks, its Carbon Management Plan and the expanding and changing use of the Estate. The STTP considers transport matters across the University including providing overarching policy guidance for the development of specific campus masterplans and building specific BREEAM compliant Travel Plans in the future. It also covers the full Estate including the University’s three main campuses: Gilmorehill, Garscube and Dumfries.

The final STTP, and supporting documents, covered a much more wide-ranging set of issues than a traditional Travel Plan, including innovative attempts to quantity carbon emissions associated with the University’s’ travel patterns.