St Mary’s Bay, Kent


Key Facts


CIRIA susdrain SuDS Award in 2018 for ‘Small scale new build SuDS’ - Shortlisted

RICS Awards 2019 in the Design Through Innovation category - Shortlisted


St Mary’s Bay, Kent

PBA, now part of Stantec, has been involved in the works at St Mary's Bay since 2002. Approval was granted in 2011 for 72 houses on an existing caravan park of approximately 3 ha. The site had been in a derelict condition with both its permanent buildings and caravans removed, development was intended to deliver a high-quality development with a rural feel providing a mix of housing styles. The first phase of 7 houses on Phase 1 was completed in 2018.

What makes this residential scheme differ from others is that most of the surface water is dealt with at the surface rather than relying on a traditional piped network. All units and frontages were set higher than the carriageway to ensure the flow of surface water.

The drainage and highways for Phase 1 have been approved for adoption under Section 38 of the Highways Act and are currently under a five-year maintenance cycle. This was the first SuDS based scheme adopted by Kent County Council.

The Dunstall Lane site is representative of many development locations across Kent which have little fall and shallow invert levels in the receiving watercourses. The non-conventional drainage solution developed through consultation with the adopting authority met the constraints on ground levels, invert levels, provision of attenuation with positive drainage systems, maintenance access arrangements whilst also including source control and providing a scheme with added landscape and amenity value.

It should also be noted that the onsite remediation and material strategy that has been undertaken by PBA will also recycle the existing static caravan concrete bases. The intention is to crush the existing concrete and use this as a replacement for the subbase within the carriageway, footway and other hard paved areas within the next phases of the development and further reducing the carbon footprint of the development.

This scheme was shortlisted for a CIRIA susdrain SuDS Award in 2018 for ‘Small scale new build SuDS’ and has been short-listed for the RICS Awards 2019 in the Design Through Innovation category.