South Thamesmead Masterplan, Bexley and Greenwich

South Thamesmead Masterplan, Bexley and Greenwich

PBA is providing multidisciplinary engineering services in collaboration with Proctor & Matthews and Mecanoo Architects for the redevelopment of the iconic Thamesmead Estate.

This 13.42 hectare area lies between Abbey Wood Station – the terminus of Crossrail – and Southmere Lake. It is one of the first of the mayor’s housing zones, expected to create a new urban boulevard and create a new town centre within the heart of Thamesmead. It will also offer huge opportunities to deliver 525 new homes in the initial phases and thousands of jobs through unlocking existing cleared sites and creating new local commercial and community facilities.

PBA was instrumental in discussions with the Environment Agency in agreeing parameters for designing in proximity to a 3m x 2m deep piled culvert.

All structures including strategic infrastructure are piled as a result of the very deep alluvium layer underlying the development site. Along with the poor ground conditions the other key risks identified are UXO owing to the adjacency of a previous munitions factory; flood risk which determined bedrooms to be located above first floor level; and the Southmere lake edge interfaces with the proposed buildings.

PBA has provided civil/structural engineering design to Stage 3/planning and coordinated and reported on the intrusive site investigations. PBA has also been appointed to develop a waste management strategy for the whole of the area.

Planning was granted in November 2016.

"Thamesmead has proven to be both a highly rewarding but highly complex project and it is only through the advice of our excellent design team that we have managed to make it a success to date.

PBA has been central to this and has worked tirelessly to provide the support we needed across a number of disciplines to seek the right solution.

PBA's input has been invaluable and has often been the deciding factor in some of our more challenging debates around architectural solutions. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they have made my decision making role, as client, a lot more straightforward."