Shetland Inter-Island Transport Study



Shetland Inter-Island Transport Study

Shetland Islands Council operates ferry services between the Shetland mainland and nine island communities, ranging from short crossings such as that between Lerwick and Bressay to much longer crossings in classified waters, such as those from Sumburgh to Fair Isle.

The Shetland Islands has nine inhabited islands outside the Shetland Mainland. These islands are connected by a combination of air & ferry services. The assets which make up the internal transport network (aircraft, ferries, ports / harbours and airfields) are, in many cases, reaching the end of their operational lifespan. The Council therefore commissioned this study to develop a network development strategy for the next 30 years.

PBA reviewed the service delivery (infrastructure, operations, finance) and the service context (market analysis, consultation, timetables & services and the baseline & planning horizon).

Having established the baseline, we then set objectives at the network and island level and developed and appraised options for improvements. The shortlist of options was further developed and then taken out to consultation on each of the nine islands. Options were then further developed and an initial network strategy published.