Red Gap Wind Farm, Hartlepool


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    Airvolution Energy Ltd

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Red Gap Wind Farm, Hartlepool

PBA has been instrumental in the consenting and delivery of Red Gap Wind Farm, located on farmland north of the Wynyard Estate, near Hartlepool.

Since 2008, PBA has been working on the identification, consenting and implementation of a five-turbine wind farm at Red Gap Farm, near Hartlepool. Following a change of ownership of the scheme from British Telecom to Airvolution Energy Ltd, PBA was appointed in 2015 to maximise the potential electricity yield from the wind farm and provide a path to operation before the end of the 2016-17 financial year.

Working closely with the client and land owner and building on our existing positive relationship with the Local Planning Authority, PBA successfully increased the previously consented capacity of the wind farm by up to 31% through an increase in the consented rotor diameter of the wind turbines from 90m to a maximum 103m.

Given the overarching deadline of commencing operation (commissioning) by the close of the 2016-17 financial year, PBA managed the discharge of conditions and S106 obligations in tandem with the above to ensure that the wind farm could be lawfully implemented quickly, efficiently and with minimum risk to the consent. This included the coordination of a range of technical investigations and works, including archaeological investigation, ecology, highways, and the diversion of rights of way.

Commissioning of the wind turbines took place in February 2017 and PBA has just completed its final piece of work on the project, via the submission and approval of decommissioning works, to take place when the planning permission expires in 25 years.

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