Reading Station Area Regeneration


Reading Station Area Regeneration

PBA envisioned, developed and delivered the whole Reading Station area regeneration project - several million square feet of mixed-used regeneration - including new interchanges, public realm and buildings.

The overall aim of the regeneration was to improve the Station Area public realm by creating, improving and connecting public spaces. This included ‘stitching’ together the various development sites within the area, unifying the area through a coordinated design approach that utilises the best contemporary modern materials and street furniture.

The plans also hoped to contribute to the character and identity of the town centre, helping to instil a strong sense of place and underpinning investment, and creating more opportunities for sustainable forms of transport particularly walking and cycling by enhancing the connectivity and legibility of the area. Eight key public realm priority projects were proposed, providing a network of streets and spaces, including ‘squares’ at the north and south entrances of the station.

The two station entrances now lead out into high quality multi-functional public spaces. A grid of new or better-connected streets and other pedestrian routes was also proposed. The grid form is designed to both ensure the area as a whole is interconnected but also that paths converge upon the station ‘nexus’ in a broadly radial pattern. New routes, attractive to shoppers, link together planned retail developments in the Station Area, and loop back into the historic core.

The revitalisation of Reading Station has been a catalyst for major redevelopment in Reading as a whole, including Station Hill and Thames Tower, and PBA continues to work closely with Reading Borough Council and with private sector clients on a range of development and infrastructure projects in the town.