Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, University of Oxford


Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, University of Oxford

The University of Oxford acquired the Radcliffe Infirmary site to provide a new campus close to central Oxford, providing up to 110,000m2 GFA on the 40,000m2 site.

We carried out all engineering aspects of the site masterplan for a phased campus to be constructed on the site, with several multi-storey department buildings over a shared double-basement containing a library and car park.

We identified optimum phasing zones for the development in terms of both building functionality and the complication of phasing the two level basement construction. Phasing was also a key consideration in terms of construction and distribution of services within the basement. Close proximity to Green College and Somerville College, with Grade I buildings bordering the site was assessed in terms of basement impact. The constrained site access points required analysis of transport issues relating to parking.

PBA provided structural, civil, M&E, utilities, geotechnical and transport advice for the masterplan and cost planning of this project.