Quayside and Blackfriars, Gloucester



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Quayside and Blackfriars, Gloucester

PBA worked on a commission for an LDO in Gloucester which aims to deliver a mixed use development on a key site which is subject to significant constraints, namely archaeology, flooding and contamination.

PBA was responsible for co-ordinating the LDO and as such, established monthly Steering Group and stakeholder meetings as a means to disseminate information and engage with key parties. Initially the project was considered by the client to be for the preparation of an SPD, but based on PBA’s experience of LDOs, this alternative, more delivery-focused approach is being pursued. PBA undertook Member and Officer training in relation to LDOs and the specifics of the site.

The site had been underused and undervalued for a long period of time and in that time has been subject to many different proposals. Through a mixture of review of previous work and policy and new analysis of the site and its context, PBA established a number of overarching design principles in drawing together the LDO and accompanying Design Guide. The LDO will enable development which creates a new mixed use City district which is of high architectural quality and improves connections with the River Severn at the Quay.

The LDO was granted approval by the Secretary of State in April 2017, making way for multimillion-pound development scheme.