Plymouth City Council Personalised Travel Planning



Plymouth City Council Personalised Travel Planning

PBA has supported Plymouth City Council on the planning and delivery of their Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) programme for the last four years, equating to circa 84,000 households. This included support in the initial bid to secure funding, the training of staff and the PTP delivery team, and acting as lead advisers during the delivery phase.

PBA also undertook annual monitoring and evaluation of the scheme whilst delivery was in progress. This was initially to monitor quality of delivery, but it soon became evident that this monitoring process provided an opportunity to gather a rich qualitative dataset from people who had received PTP.

The feedback demonstrated modal shifts – through all delivery phases – to more sustainable modes of between 13–15%, providing the benefits to physical health associated with more active travel. In addition, some important mental wellbeing benefits were being reported. A significant number of residents reported that the information provided resulted in them leaving the house and engaging in leisure activities for the first time in many months. PTP has proved to be a vital service for some, as facilitating movement and connections to the outside world can help to overcome loneliness and depression.

Finally, a longitudinal study has been undertaken by PBA across all four years, contacting people from each of the phases. This demonstrated that the modal shift achieved during the delivery year had been maintained – or in some cases exceeded – across all delivery areas, up to four years post-delivery.