Marsh Leys Flood Storage Reservoirs



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    The Bedfordshire and River Ivel Internal Drainage Board

Marsh Leys Flood Storage Reservoirs

PBA prepared flood risk mapping and a masterplan drainage strategy for the management of surface water disposal and flood control along the Elstow Brook and its associated watercourses.

Having been adopted within the planning brief for the area, the scheme was implemented, releasing over 70 hectares of both green and brownfield land allocated for residential and employment use by four major developers.

PBA has advised the developers on sustainable strategic solutions to protect the watercourse corridors from any adverse impacts on the drainage regime, flood risk and river environment. Over 190,000 cubic metres of flood storage has been designed and constructed.

Designs include flood bypass facilities with two automated tilting gates providing the first solar powered installation of this type within the UK. The project was also selected as a ‘DEFRA Integrated Urban Drainage Pilot Study’, facilitating extensive stakeholder engagement to assess the effectiveness of the plan, and the strengths and weaknesses of the model in delivering the principles for strategic development.