Lochside House, Scotland


Key Facts


Royal Incorporation of Architects (RIBA) House of the Year 2018

Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Award 2018

Royal Institute of British Architects National Award 2018

Royal Institute of British Architects Award for Scotland


Lochside House, Scotland

Lochside House is an award-winning, modest and sustainable home which makes the most of, but has minimal impact on, its magical setting on the west coast of Scotland. PBA, now part of Stantec, provided civil and structural engineering services for the house and associated studio/garage.

The modular structure of the development is constructed from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). A critical aspect in this choice was the restricted access to the site as well as providing the robust insulated structure necessary in this exposed location. This construction method allowed prefabricated panels that could be easily transported to the site. Similarly, due to these access issues it was necessary to minimise the requirement for in-situ concrete and the sloping nature of the site and the shallow bedrock resulted in a hybrid substructure solution.

At the high-end this consists of a beam and block floor on masonry underbuilding which changes to a timber and steel suspended floor. This allowed us to realise the architect’s vision to elevate the house above the ground as it slopes down to the loch. The buildings are founded directly onto the rock, with minimal concrete, making it suitable for small batch mixing.

The house is totally off-grid and as part of achieving this we designed a drainage system that was not only sensitive to the site but also met the stringent discharge requirements due to the mussel farms on the loch nearby.