Legoland Discovery Centre, Birmingham


Key Facts

Legoland Discovery Centre, Birmingham

PBA provided transport, flood risk and acoustic advice in support of the planning application for the conversion and adaption of part of an existing parking and storage area at Arena Birmingham, together with the fit out of vacant retail units, to form a new Legoland Discovery Centre. The Centre was granted planning permission in February 2017 and opened in July 2018.

Birmingham city centre is identified as the preferred location for major new leisure and tourism attractions. The Birmingham Development Plan identifies that new leisure uses will be promoted within, and on the edge of, the retail core to support the diversification of the city’s offer as a top visitor destination. Furthermore, the Birmingham Development Plan encourages maintaining the city’s existing tourist facilities and enabling new or expanded provision where it contributes to the city’s continued success as a destination for visitors.

The Legoland Discovery Centre strongly aligns with these requirements and aspirations through maximising the use of an already well-established and major leisure and tourism attraction and establishes a major national leisure operator in the city.

PBA has helped to deliver an attraction that will have significant regional appeal, attracting visitors and families from beyond Birmingham’s boundary.