Kilnwood Vale, Crawley



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Kilnwood Vale, Crawley

Kilnwood Vale is a 2,500 home urban extension progressing on the west side of Crawley, with the first 370+ homes now occupied.

Whilst modern in concept, it draws on the traditions of the Garden City Movement of the 19th century, with a tree-lined boulevard as its central spine and a wealth of green courtyard and corridors in between the buildings. It is designed to be a very pleasant and neighbourly place to live, making the most of its surrounding country views.

We have been involved with this scheme since the early planning stages when we demonstrated that development would be more sustainable, deliverable and viable on our client’s site rather than any other site, and we proved that development could be achieved without building a bypass.

Key to our success was our efforts to understand the roles of those in both the public and private sectors, and the preparation of material that could be easily understood by those involved or affected by the development proposals.

The Highways Agency (now Highways England) agreed to our proposals and Crawley and Horsham Core Strategies allocated the site for development. Our client was spared significant costs, by avoiding the delivery of the bypass, and was able to increase spending on more sustainable travel solutions such as bus rapid transit and railway station proposals.

We were central to the development of the masterplan for the whole site and responsible for the detailed design of the main access junction, residential roads, footways, cycleways and equestrian routes within the phase 1 application.

Importantly, Kilnwood Vale adheres to today’s sustainability principles, meaning that daily essentials can be easily reached without total reliance on the car and the natural environment has been carefully integrated into the overall plan.