Killingholme Drainage Strategy and Pumping Station



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    North East Lindsey Drainage Board

Killingholme Drainage Strategy and Pumping Station

Near the container ports, storage facilities and oil refineries on the south bank of the Humber River lies a small site of special scientific interest. Two former clay working pits provide freshwater and saline habitats, which are sensitive to the nature of the drainage catchment, both in terms of the intrusion and dilution from floodwaters and the risk of pollution from the industrial run-off.

Recognising the importance of the ecology in the area, and the drive for development and economic growth, the North East Lindsey Drainage Board commissioned PBA to undertake a Strategic Catchment Review, which included the development of a hydrodynamic model of the key watercourses, identifying opportunities to improve the flood protection and water management.

The reviews identified the need to adopt a more holistic approach, working with the potential developers in the area to develop a strategic solution to help facilitate the South Humber Bank Development Brief.

Implementation of the channel infrastructure and diversions has already commenced and a detailed design of a 9 cumecs pumping station completed. The scheme now supports the Able Marine Energy Park, one of the largest national significant infrastructure projects (NSIP) to be approved to date.