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Infrastructure Charging Mechanism Research, Scotland

In September 2015, an independent panel was appointed by Scottish Ministers to review the Scottish planning system, which was not realising its potential to identify, co-ordinate and deliver infrastructure required to enable development.

The two principle areas of concern relating to planning for infrastructure in the current system that emerged during the consultation on the planning review were:

  1. The apparent absence of a mechanism or responsible party for delivery
  2. Operational concerns over items such as Section 75, which was viewed by developers as burdensome and delaying

PBA was appointed by the Scottish Government to lead a research project to identify and assess the options for the introduction of an infrastructure charging mechanism across Scotland.

In December 2016, the multidisciplinary team completed Stages 1 & 2 (Literature & Baseline Review, Consultation and High Level Options) of the research project and identified options for an infrastructure charging mechanism to be applied through the planning system in Scotland.

The full research report has been published on the Scottish Government website.

Following on from a consultation period, the options identified in Stages 1 and 2 will be narrowed down to a preferred mechanism and this may be carried forward into a Planning Bill expected towards the end of 2017.