Hampton, Peterborough



Hampton, Peterborough

Transforming brownfield land always presents a set of often complex and costly technical issues. With the right creative and practical solutions, we can transform these challenges into benefits for our clients.

The location on which Hampton now sits was previously an industrial site for brick making. Damage from 125 years of commercial clay extraction included pits, ridges, and furrows as well as becoming a repository for pulverised fuel ash from coal fired power stations. Large-scale mitigation of the land was first required to change the 1000ha site into a development with 500ha of diverse natural features.

Our assessment and unique earthworks strategy applied a process that saved millions of pounds in materials and labour. The use of local materials for fill and capping served as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

In addition, clay pits were used to build lakes, and wetland serving both as attractive natural features and an integral part of our SuDS solution. We brought economic and ecological value to the development by using features that were once seen as technical challenges to solve.