Green Park Business Park, Reading



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    Oxford Properties

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    Civil engineering



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    Corporate Achievement Award, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

    Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark

Green Park Business Park, Reading

The transformation of a low-lying flood plain in Reading has created Green Park, one of Europe's largest business parks, comprising a 72ha complex of offices and leisure facilities.

PBA was approached in 1981 by the landowner, who was seeking to redevelop 80ha of low-grade sewage farm land.

PBA recognised the potential and value of the land and led negotiations to obtain the necessary approvals and agreements to commence development of the site.

Over the life of the project, PBA carried out the complete infrastructure design for Green Park and have provided a range of multi-disciplinary consulting services, including project co-ordination and management through the feasibility, pre-planning and planning stages.

We overcame the single biggest hurdle of the project by developing an innovative flood relief scheme which formed the water features that give the development its spacious, park-like feel.