Freight Strategy, Ayrshire



Freight Strategy, Ayrshire

SPT and the local authorities identified Ayrshire as being strategically located to act as a gateway for freight into Scotland, as the road and rail networks in Ayrshire cater for a significant volume of through freight traffic.

We undertook analysis of the key freight generators and attractors, freight flows on the road network and the constraints on the network itself. This enabled us to develop a Freight Route Network (FRN) hierarchy to guide freight traffic onto the most appropriate routes depending upon the nature of the vehicle, origin and destination, length of the journey, sensitivity to journey time, mitigation for local communities, etc. We delivered a freight strategy along with this FRN system to help guide freight traffic around the region in a safe and efficient manner.

We also developed an online web portal which provides a ‘one stop shop’ for freight information and data in Ayrshire. The web portal hosts an interactive mapping facility which includes extensive freight-related data and the freight route network.

"PBA provided valuable expertise in the development of a freight strategy for Ayrshire and a web portal holding freight related data and a mapping facility to provide network information for the haulage and logistics industry and partners. In addition to technical skills, PBA provided experience in undertaking the necessary consultation to ensure the resulting strategy and web tool reflected the requirements of this dynamic industry. The project was delivered through an engaging and professional approach by an efficient, well supported team."
Bruce Kiloh -
Head of Policy and Planning,
Strathclyde Partnership for Transport