Economics strategy and masterplanning, Elgin



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    Moray Community Planning Partnership (MCPP)

Economics strategy and masterplanning, Elgin

PBA was a key part of the multidisciplinary team that prepared the Elgin City For The Future masterplan for the Moray Community Planning Partnership (MCCP), developing its underpinning economic rationale, contributing to strategy and action plan development, and identifying the benefits from its implementation.

PBA provided the core economic elements in this multidisciplinary project examining Elgin’s future role and ways to bring about its sustainable regeneration. We prepared economic analyses of the key tourism, food and drink and defence sectors which drive the local economy. We also assisted in the stakeholder workshop elements and carried out face-to-face discussions with most of the key businesses in the area, including world-renowned brands such as Walkers, Baxters, and well-known whisky distillers.

We were a key team member at the options development and appraisal stage before finalising the Action Plan, addressing the linkage and access obstacles, provided by the combination of the routeing of the A96 through the centre of the town and long-standing flooding issues, are central elements. We developed a clear set of evidence-based strategies and projects to tackle these issues. We also developed a series of enabling themes such as education and HEI development and business development initiatives to support sector and placemaking initiatives. Key public and private sector stakeholders were closely involved throughout.

This work also informed the development of the Moray Economic Strategy which the Community Planning Partnership commissioned us to prepare.