Economic Assessment, West London



Economic Assessment, West London

PBA prepared a baseline analysis of West London’s economy covering seven London boroughs for the West London Alliance.

Economic performance across the West London Alliance area was profiled with a key focus on the socio-economic drivers at sub-area level. This involved reviewing past performance, supply side investment programmes and macro-economic trends applied to West London, including forecasts of future sector demand in the short, medium and long term.

Supply side analysis involved summarising, mapping and reviewing recent and emerging Government initiatives and legislation to identify potential drivers or constraints for West London’s economic development. This included the Government’s Productivity Plan and Budget commitments to decentralised investment in economic development and the infrastructure to support it.

Key findings and messages were presented to the West London Alliance Prosperity Board to assist in directing future policy / research and to target available resources in those areas where they are most likely to be effective in strengthening and growing the local economy. As the City Growth Commission (2014) stated, “aligned service budgets and an integrated reform agenda hinge on the power of timely, accurate information”.