Ebbsfleet Garden City, Mixed-Use Development


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Ebbsfleet Garden City, Mixed-Use Development

The Ebbsfleet Garden City development is a new sustainable community which will include residential, retail and commercial elements.

PBA have been engaged with this scheme for over 25 years, providing a range of multi-disciplinary services to support the development and key to our continuing appointment is our non-adversarial approach to collaborative working.

To support the vision of a high-quality living environment, PBA works closely with regulatory agencies to provide engineering works focused on pedestrian access and public transport, as well as suitable mitigation solutions to noise issues across the site. Some of the main constraints of the site that we have successfully mitigated include: a high speed rail line, sewage treatment works, industrial noise and a main arterial road.

Recently, we have also been appointed to undertake a strategic overview of the utilities challenge and how it could be resolved, working with the utility providers and landowners to devise a strategy that would accelerate delivery in the short term, but provide a sustainable and flexible long-term solution for the Garden City as a whole. We considered the infrastructure that would need to be provided to achieve the strategy, including the delivery of movement corridors that the utilities provision could follow.

Our knowledge of the utilities sector, coupled with detailed understanding of the sites, has meant that this work could be undertaken quickly and comprehensively. By being able to work as part of a collaborative team, PBA is helping to deliver an attractive, modern, and sustainable environment which will only become more desirable with maturity.

"PBA has been a key part of the team delivering Countryside’s scheme at Springhead Park, now part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City, bringing their extensive knowledge and expertise on a range of transport and infrastructure issues associated with one of the largest projects in the South East".