Eastside, Birmingham City University


Key Facts

Eastside, Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University’s City Centre Campus forms part of the wider Eastside regeneration area, which includes the future site of HS2 Curzon Street station.

In order to grow its City Centre Campus, Birmingham City University plans to develop several vacant plots at the Campus for education, office and ancillary uses. Applications for the first of these plots (Plots A&C and Plot B STEAMhouse Phase 2) were submitted in 2018.

Plots A & C and Plot B STEAMhouse Phase 2 benefit from outline planning permission as part of the wider Eastside Locks development. As a result of changes to the development proposals, revised applications have been prepared. PBA, now part of Stantec, was appointed to advise on transport planning matters and prepare Transport Statements in support of these development proposals.

Building on our previous work for Birmingham City University, and our extensive knowledge of the Birmingham city centre transport network, we identified existing transport provision and the accessibility of the sites. We also identified future planned infrastructure which will benefit the future residents at the site, including HS2, the West Midland Metro extension and Sprint bus proposals.

Analysis of the development proposals demonstrated that Plots A & C and Plot B STEAMhouse Phase 2 were expected to generate a similar number of vehicle trips to the consented schemes and any additional trips could be mitigated through the lack of additional parking and travel planning measures; all of which are presented in the campus wide Travel Plan that was prepared by PBA in 2018, which set out a range of measures for staff and students and an action plan for their implementation.

The planning application for Plots A & C was submitted in October 2018 and approved in January 2019. The planning application for Plot B STEAMhouse Phase 2 was submitted in December 2018 and approved in May 2019.