Docksway Landfill, Wales



  • Client

    Newport City Council

Docksway Landfill, Wales

PBA’s work for Newport City Council has created a new landfill site using innovative soil strengthening techniques.

We have provided engineering and environmental services for Newport City Council’s Docksway landfill site since 2001.

The site includes both an old ‘dilute and disperse’ municipal landfill, as well a new fully contained landfill at the same location, largely sited on a former river meander. PBA has provided consultancy services for the completion, restoration and monitoring of the old landfill and the design and permitting of the new containment cell.

In 2014, we carried out a feasibility study for alternative uses at the site, including a 2MW solar farm and a number of wind turbines on and around the landfill. We also considered alternative forms of income from the landfilling of asbestos and oil and gas exploration residues.