Development Infrastructure Funding Study, Old Oak Common



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Development Infrastructure Funding Study, Old Oak Common

This study aims to help London seize a major growth opportunity that is opening up as a result of infrastructure investment at Old Oak Common in West London.

The future Old Oak Common will be one of the UK’s best connected places, with direct access to central London, Heathrow, Wales and the West Country, Birmingham and the North of England. These connections come as a result of a new Crossrail station, a new HS2 station, a new stop on the Great Western Mainline, and potential new London Overground stations.

These new connections fundamentally alter the economic geography of the area. Our Development Infrastructure Funding study at Old Oak, written with JLL and Gardiner & Theobald as sub-contractors, uses the vision as a starting point, and provides a greater understanding of the scale, type, costs and funding of infrastructure required to support the proposed level of development at Old Oak. 

We have looked in detail at the infrastructure requirements needed to support homes and jobs at development areas around the stations, and how that infrastructure can be paid for. Our work focuses on creating viable development opportunities at HS2 stations, and looks to leverage what can be achieved when public sector investment creates rising land values, which can then be used to deliver socially positive change for an area, both for new and existing communities.