Corpus Christi College: Oldham and Jackson Buildings



Corpus Christi College: Oldham and Jackson Buildings

PBA assisted in the refurbishment of the 1960s Powell Moya Building (now the Oldham Building) and 1880s Jackson buildings.

The buildings required alterations throughout the existing buildings to link, update and extend the existing student accommodation and provide en suite facilities to the bedrooms within the Oldham Building.

There were a number of constraints applied to the Oldham Building at the planning stage that meant that the Powell Moya architecture must be retained and restored wherever possible. PBA designed structural details to fit within the confines of the exiting Powell Moya architectural design so as to not impact the current aesthetic. This included the design of new cast in situ concrete sills to match the existing for the new windows. Additionally, PBA advised on concrete repair; liaising with the architect to match the original aesthetics where it would be left exposed.

In June 2016 the newly refurbished Oldham and Jackson buildings were officially opened within the defined timescale and to the client’s satisfaction.