Colindale Office, Barnet


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Colindale Office, Barnet

PBA was appointed to increase the average daylight factors in the Colindale Office between by 0.5–2.0%.

We worked with the architect and interior designers to establish the optimum fenestration design, and wall, floor and ceiling colours. The final solution achieved average daylight factor of between 1.5–5.2%, which represented a significant increase on the concept design figures.

In addition to this, the original concept design strategy identified all of the plant to be located on the roof, including a significant quantity of photovoltaic (PV) cells (600 m²). The combined footprint of the plant, PV cells, window cleaning gantry structure and fabric breached the maximum development height imposed by the local planning authorities.

We broke down each element of the design and sought to identify any marginal or significant floor areas gains that, when combined, would reduce the footprint to fit on the roof. We relied on the use of BIM Revit to identify additional space which we used to engineer the coordination of the remaining plant and structure. To prove the coordination of the roof we also produced 360° virtual reality panoramas of the roof plant.