Cockenzie Masterplan, Scotland


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Cockenzie Masterplan, Scotland

No longer in operation, Cockenzie Power Station ran as a coal fired power station between 1968 and 2013. Following the closure, East Lothian council commenced work to guide the redevelopment of the site. Our team was selected to prepare a 25-year masterplan to define a vision and spatial strategy for redevelopment. The goal? To optimise the use of land and infrastructure assets and enhance the site’s integration with the surrounding area.

The masterplanning process involved extensive consultation with local communities, landowners, businesses, and infrastructure providers to identify potential redevelopment options. The area was divided into four zones reflecting historic land uses: coastal, energy generation, coal store and the Battle of Prestonpans. Within each zone, synergistic land uses and building densities were identified. The focus was on generating new employment, creating open spaces, and accommodating the energy sector to help drive local economic growth.

The collaborative process adopted by our masterplan team allowed a clear vision and solid redevelopment options to emerge that command the support of local communities, landowners, national public sector agencies, industry bodies, and businesses alike. The final Cockenzie Masterplan was published by East Lothian Council in November 2017.