Byter Mill Lane


Key facts

Byter Mill Lane

Byter Mill Lane runs along a steep slope next to a tidal body of water known as Mill Pool. The problem? The slope was suffering from instability which was affecting the Lane. The key stakeholders on this scheme included Devon County Council and the property owners, who rely on the Lane for access.

Appointed by Albion Drilling Group Limited, we designed the stabilisation works (including soil nailing and gabions) and delivered a value-engineered, design-and-build scheme for the stabilisation works to Devon County Council, who are responsible for the upkeep of the Lane.

Ground investigation data was used to develop the ground model in the detailed design along with inspection of the slope before completing the detailed design works. With this combination, the soil nailing was able to better fit the actual slope conditions.

We also provided site attendance on a part-time basis to monitor the installation of the soil nails, observe actual ground conditions, and make amendments to the layout of soil nails to suit actual conditions encountered on site during the works.

The works were delivered on time and with minimum disruption. The result was a much more pleasing and usable access that will be stable in the long term.