Brighton & Hove City Council Personalised Travel Planning



Brighton & Hove City Council Personalised Travel Planning

PBA has been appointed as transportation and highways Framework Consultant for Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC).

PBA was appointed to deliver a major Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) project across the city, as funded through Cycling England, the Local Transport Plan and CIVITAS programme. PBA acted as coordinator through the pre-intervention, intervention and post intervention stages.

The promotion of travel choices and the PTP programme was supported by a ‘Journey On’ campaign and community events such as Bike Week and Car Free Day. Before and after surveys were conducted, indicating a modal shift towards sustainable modes of transport, with a particular increase in cycling.

In addition to this, PBA was commissioned to write a Best Practice Guide to PTP on behalf of BHCC and CIVITAS. The report reviewed previous traditional PTP interventions and theoretical concepts, to identify alternative applications of behavioural change which could be used to inform future PTP studies.

Following the success of this scheme, PBA was again commissioned by BHCC to direct the implementation of a workplace PTP which saw engagement with over 45 local businesses and destinations within the Valley Gardens East area.