Blythe Valley Park


Key Facts

Blythe Valley Park

PBA has supported planning applications for the development at Blythe Valley Park for over 10 years. In November 2016, we helped IM Properties secure permission for new housing, alongside new and existing commercial properties providing more employment opportunities for the area.

PBA prepared the transport assessment, as well as noise, air quality, and transport input for the environmental statement, both of which supported the overall planning application. We worked closely with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to prepare the transport assessment, reaching an agreement on the transport strategy, public transport access and off-site highway improvements.

The timing for highway improvements was phased, assisting with the overall viability of the scheme as well as providing the local highway authority with the certainty that the worst-case scenario had been addressed. Highways England provided no objection to the scheme but did offer conditions, one of which was subsequently removed before the determination of the planning application.

A new site access was approved, which crossed the Green Belt and therefore meant very special circumstances had to be demonstrated alongside measures to minimise the traffic impact on residents. As part of this process, a traffic management scheme was developed in consultation with residents and the local highway authority. PBA has subsequently prepared the Section 278 scheme for this and at A34/Creynolds Lane to improve public transport access and work is due to start on site later in 2018.

PBA’s parking strategy has afforded the client flexibility in the provision of parking spaces for the existing and future employment uses across the site. This was achieved by providing a cumulative parking ratio across the business park which gained the approval of the local highway authority. Subsequently, the client has been able to progress their plans while still meeting occupier’s car parking requirements, including an overspill car park, within the original planning consent.