Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge



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    The Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge

Local charity, Arthur Rank Hospice commissioned PBA to provide structural and civil engineering and transportation advice on their new £10m building. 

After extensive reviews with Norwich-based architects LSI, a steel frame was selected for the two-storey structure to the new building. Profiled metal decking and insitu concrete were adopted for the first floor, with composite action to increase the load capacity of the steel beams.

The design team opted to develop the design using BIM Level 2, with our steel frame drawn using 3D Revit – this was instrumental in coordinating our frame with the architectural and building services elements.

The site chosen had restrictions on the number of car parking spaces that could be provided. This challenge required considered strategies to be developed with both the Hospice and the Highway Authority. An approach that looked to respond and manage car parking during peak periods whilst committing to Travel Planning for its staff meant that the occupier and the planning and highways authorities were satisfied. The proposals ensured that there were sufficient modal choices available to compensate for a level of car parking that would be below maximum policy standards and forecast demand.

The hospice opened in late 2016 and was awarded the Project of the Year: RICS Awards, East of England in May 2017.