Aerospace Bristol Travel Plan



  • Client

    British Aero Collection Trust (BACT)

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    South West

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    Travel planning

Aerospace Bristol Travel Plan

Aerospace Bristol will be the new heritage museum and learning centre at Filton, north Bristol, home to a world-class aerospace history. PBA was commissioned to prepare the Framework Travel Plan for the museum, which will house Concorde.

The document set out the aims and objectives for reducing single occupancy car trips for staff, conference facility visitors and museum visitors by establishing the likely staff and visitor numbers through a TRICs trip generation exercise. A list of measures that would encourage more sustainable travel for the three distinct groups of people travelling to and from the site were set out along with recommendations for implementation, management and delivery of the travel plan.

Target mode share was established based on the identified measures by anticipating the potential mode share each travel plan measure might reasonably achieve.

We provided detailed, bespoke travel plan measures to the client by understanding the needs of the staff along with the best ways to intercept potential visitors to the site (including the provision of sustainable travel information for visitors at the time of booking a ticket).