People directory

People directory

Consultancy is a people business. That’s why we take a personal approach to the advice we give. We each have our own creative ideas, solutions, skills and experience to bring to your project.

Tim Allen

Director - Land Development Midlands

Nigel Allsop

Director – Project Management

David Atherton

Director - Brownfield Land

Stefan Boss

Director – Environmental Planning

Phil Brady

Director - Land Development South

Mark Brenton

Director - Land Development Midlands and East

Greg Callaghan

Director – Land Development

Nick Church

Director – Transport

Kevin Clarke

Director – Structural Engineering

Colin Danks

Director - Planning and Growth South West

Simon Darch

Director – Cambridge

Peter DeSouza

Director - Land Development London and South East

Martin Dix

Director – Buildings

Chris Downs

Director – Water

Martin Duris

Director – Buildings

Rob Edwards

Director – Civil Engineering

Simon English

Director – Civil Engineering

Malcolm Fillingham

Director – Civil and River Engineering

Ross French

Director – Building Services and Engineering

Henk Gelens

Director – Land Development Europe

Michael Gilbert

Senior Associate - Planning and Economics

Graeme Bruce

Director – M&E

Bernard Greep

Director - Planning and Growth

Dan Griffiths

Director – Transport

Cathy Hall

Director – Strategic Planning

Daniel Hayes

Director – Civil Engineering South

Gary Heard

Senior Associate - Transport

Jon Heath

Director – Civil Engineering

Ron Henry

Director – Midlands and East

Amy Hensler

Director – Flood Risk

Paul Hill

Director – Civil Engineering

Jane Hirst

Director– Planning and Growth

Cristina Howick

Director - Planning Policy and Evidence

Matthew Ingrey

Director – Transport

Jason Lewis

Director - Transport Planning

Paul Jeffery

Director – Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineering

Paul Jenkin

Director – Water Management

Natasha Jones

Senior Associate – Landscape

Paul Knight

Director – Civil Engineering

Natalie Maletras

Senior Associate - Waste, Energy and Infrastructure

Sarah Matthews

Director – Transport Planning

Paul McCartney

Director – Economics

Dougie McDonald

Director - Scotland

Rob McDonald

Director – Smart Infrastructure

Stuart McDougall

Director – Buildings

Keith Mitchell

Director - Community Development and Infrastructure

James Morgan

Director – Business Development

James Overend

Director - South

Elliot Page

Director - Transport

Michael Parkinson

Director - North and Scotland

Rahul Patalia

Director – Buildings

Nick Patterson

Director – Buildings East

Richard Pestell

Director – Planning

Bob Pinkett

Director - Passenger Transport

Chris Pittner

Director – Civil Engineering and Water Management

Richard Puttock

Director – Geotechnical and Environmental

Steve Rees

Director - Civil Engineering

Paul Reilly

Managing Director

Elaine Richmond

Director – Environment

Dean Ricks

Director – Buildings London and South East

Robert Riddington

Director – Water

Jonathan Riggall

Director – Energy and Natural Resources

Kieran Rushe

Director – Planning and Growth

John Rushton

Director – Buildings

Tony Russell

Director – Land Development Oxford

Dermot Scanlon

Director – Major Infrastructure

Philip Secker

Director – Structural Engineering

Simon Earl

Director – Civil Engineering

Nick Skelton

Director – Strategic Planning and Economics

Simon Speller

Director - Transport

Alan Swan

Director – Transport

Richard Swinden

Director - South West

Margaret Theobald

Director – Transport Planning

Neil Thorne

Director – Transport

Tony Wake

Director - London and South East

David Walker

Director – Environment

Matt Whiston

Director – Land Development South West

Scott Witchalls

Director - Transport and Infrastructure

Philip Wright

Director – Major Infrastructure