PBA's Expert Witness helps client win appeal


PBA's Expert Witness helps client win appeal

16 January 2017

BRISTOL – PBA has successfully supported Waddeton Park Limited's appeal for residential development at Wayside Farm, Castle Cary, Somerset. Having pro-actively engaged with the Local Highway Authority throughout the application process, the Transport Assessment was approved prior to determination. However, the Local Planning Authority chose to refuse the application for several reasons, including the site’s accessibility and therefore sustainability, in the context of the NPPF’s presumption in favour of sustainable development.

PBA provided the Highways Expert Witness role in support of the development. The Inspector agreed with Neil Thorne, PBA's Director of Transport, that traffic generated by the proposal itself, and in combination with other proposals, would not result in severe congestion or highway safety concerns. Furthermore, acknowledging the proposed sustainable transport improvements to local footways and bus stops, and the re-routing of a local bus service, the Inspector agreed that these would benefit existing residents as well as new ones and that the transport considerations weighed positively in the planning balance.

Gerry Keay of Waddeton Park Limited, commented:

'PBA is our ‘go-to’ consultancy for transport advice, where we value and trust their client-focussed approach, creative thinking and thorough understanding of the issues to maximise our chances of success. On Wayside Farm, their proactive approach to engagement ensured that we had the backing of the Local Highway Authority through the Application and Appeal process, and the robustness of their technical work, and knowledge as Expert Witness, ensured that we were able to successfully demonstrate the positive benefits of the scheme to the Planning Inspector.'