PBA shortlisted twice for prestigious Plan Making Award


PBA shortlisted twice for prestigious Plan Making Award

22 March 2018

LONDON – PBA has been shortlisted twice for the award for Plan Making at the prestigious 2018 Planning Awards.

The award for Plan Making is given to the entry that best demonstrates how a plan positively impacts the physical or environmental quality of a place or the economic or social well-being of its community.

PBA has been shortlisted for our work on leading both the Cockenzie Power Station Masterplan, East Lothian and the Church Street Masterplan for Westminster City Council.

The Cockenzie Masterplan is ambitious, aiming to create an environment and opportunities to support a flourishing economy and help build a prosperous, safe, sustainable, quality place with a distinctive identity. The core of the Masterplan is a shared vision for the next 25 years, developed and tested with the community. Exceeding national community engagement standards, it successfully captures the policy and programme aspirations of all stakeholders at local and national levels.

Stefano Smith, PBA Planning Director, said:

“Peter Brett Associates is delighted that the PBA-led project team’s approach of working closely with the client, East Lothian Council, key stakeholders and the community has proved crucial to informing this ambitious and evidentially-based Masterplan. We consider that the Masterplan will be a key component in providing the framework to securing a positive future for this nationally significant site.”

The Church Street Masterplan will help to guide economic growth and physical development for the next 20 years, delivering real change for the community by creating great places to live with health and well-being at the heart of the masterplan principles. The scheme will generate 1,750 new homes, including more affordable homes for local people in one of London's largest Housing Zones. PBA led the team, which included LDA Design, to provide a robust framework for the delivery of regeneration projects in Church Street.

Jane Hirst, PBA Planning Partner, commented:

“It is a great achievement for Peter Brett Associates and both Masterplan teams that we have been shortlisted twice in this Plan Making category. We consider our approach to collaboration and bringing together high quality teams has helped to define these high-profile masterplans which will help to drive important regeneration for years to come”.

The awards ceremony will take place on 6 June in London.

Jane Hirst

Jane Hirst

Director – Planning and Growth

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