Delivering the Strathclyde Regional Transport Strategy


Delivering the Strathclyde Regional Transport Strategy

29 August 2018

Strathclyde – PBA has been appointed by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to provide transport planning services for the second Strathclyde Regional Transport Strategy (RTS).

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 tasked each of the seven Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) in Scotland to produce a RTS for their area to influence local plans and activities and inform future national and local transport strategies.

The existing Strathclyde RTS covers the period up to 2021 and the new strategy, which will span 15 years, must be in place no later than March 2021.

The SPT Delivery Plan states its vision for the RTS as being ‘a world-class sustainable transport system that acts as a catalyst for an improved quality of life for all’, ensuring reduced emissions, access for all, improved connectivity and attractive, seamless and reliable travel.

Commenting on PBA’s appointment, SPT senior director, Charles Hoskins said:

“We are delighted to be supported by Peter Brett Associates in preparing a new Regional Transport Strategy setting out how transport will be developed, provided, and improved in the west of Scotland over the next 15 years.

“During the next two years, SPT will be working hard to deliver a robust new Strategy that will ensure a modern, integrated transport system that helps the west of Scotland develop its economy, reduce environmental impacts and deliver inclusive growth. We will ensure the Strategy sets a blueprint for a transport system fit to face challenges, and capitalise on opportunities, for the people and communities of the west of Scotland for many years to come.”

PBA have been appointed to generate the report that will make the recommendations for the new RTS. Chris Paterson, PBA Associate Transport Planner, commented:

“The new RTS for the Strathclyde partnership region is an incredibly important project, setting out the blue print for transport policy and delivery in the west of Scotland over the next 15 years. PBA will conduct an objective led appraisal process, generating a huge evidence base, ensuring the development of options and the Strategy itself is robust, fit for purpose and importantly provides real benefits for people and businesses who live and work across the region.”

Specifically, PBA will identify any existing transport issues and opportunities for improvement and then make recommendations on how to develop and deliver transport options that are aligned with national guidance. These options must be fully assessed and their impact on people and communities must be investigated before the final report is submitted for consideration.

Dougie McDonald, PBA Partner, commented:

“PBA has a great track record in transport planning and we’re thrilled to have been selected for this important project. What we do at this stage will directly impact the prosperity and quality of life for communities throughout the Strathclyde region. Ensuring that the future regional transport strategy serves those communities, including local businesses, will be at the heart of our approach.”

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