Cambridge breakfast seminars launched


Cambridge breakfast seminars launched

21 February 2017

CAMBRIDGE - PBA’s Cambridge team has launched a new series of breakfast seminars today with the first session led by Tim Allen and Dan Griffiths on the meaning of ‘severe’ transport impact.

Proving to be popular with clients for some of our other main locations, the breakfast seminar series is an opportunity for us to share our latest thoughts, views and knowledge about hot industry topics as well as a good networking platform for our key contacts and clients in the area.

The Cambridge team hosted 27 people at this first session, including a number of officers from surrounding local authorities.

PBA Senior Associate, Elliot Page said about the event: ‘It was great to see so many of our co-professionals and local authority officers in the same room discussing the challenges of interpreting ‘severe’ in transport terms. PBA prides itself on being a collaborative and ‘thinking’ consultancy and we hope that this will be the first of many events that allows the constructive debate on the topics of today to be heard.’


Look out for more seminars coming from the Cambridge team later this year.

To read more about today’s topic, visit Dan’s recent blog.

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