Blazing a trail for transport apprenticeships


Blazing a trail for transport apprenticeships

8 March 2018

UK – PBA understands the importance of apprenticeships; to our Practice, to our industry, to our community, and above all to the apprentices themselves. We work with several approved delivery partners to develop and provide apprenticeships that are an attractive and valued route for young people looking to start, and progress, their careers.

As part of our commitment to apprenticeships, Keith Mitchell, PBA Chairman, has been Chairman of the Transport Trailblazer group working to put in place the standards and assessment plans necessary for employers to offer apprenticeships across the transport planning and operations sector.

Trailblazers are groups of employers who come together to develop new standards for apprenticeships, and in the transport sector employers have formed trailblazers to establish apprenticeships in transport planning, transport operations, network and infrastructure operations. The Transport Trailblazer, supported by a wide range of employers and other stakeholders from the full range of transport operations, was established in 2014.

Keith commented:

“There is a shared ambition between employers to establish common knowledge and skills across the sector, making it a more rewarding and attractive career for existing employees and potential recruits, with real potential for career progression. Employers see these apprenticeships as supporting the professionalisation of the industry, enabling it to play an even more critical role in the national economy.“

At the end of 2017, a workshop was provided for employers keen to engage in the development and implementation of new apprenticeships in line with the new standards. The workshop was well attended and options for the successful roll out of apprenticeships across the sector were discussed. A paper has now been circulated to employers, summarising progress to date, identifying some of the challenges and setting out the next steps.

Discussing his hopes for the future, Keith commented:

“The introduction of the apprenticeship levy last year marked the end of the preparatory stages of modernising the UK’s approach to apprenticeships, we Trailblazers now need to work together to continue making apprenticeships an exciting option for young people who are considering a career in our sector.”

Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell

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