Advice Note demonstrates value of Local Development Orders


27 January 2016

TAUNTON – An Advice Note to help councils prepare housing-led Local Development Orders (LDOs), produced by the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) with support from planners at Peter Brett Associates (PBA), and others, explains how LDOs can be used to help expedite the delivery of sites and drive housing development on brownfield land.

The Advice Note provides a guide for local authorities in preparing and adopting an LDO, covering the statutory processes, management and consultation, as well as advice on setting the parameters for development, based on design and viability considerations. The Advice Note includes four case studies as part of a PAS and DCLG-sponsored programme to demonstrate how LDOs could be used to encourage the delivery of housing-led sites.

“LDOs are a positive planning tool for both local authorities and developers,” said Mary Crew, Principal Planner at Peter Brett Associates and contributor to the Advice Note. “They allow greater certainty around planning; making development sites more attractive to investors. We anticipate that increased use of LDOs will help to facilitate a programme of sustainable growth.”

LDOs were introduced in the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act but have not been widely adopted by local authorities. The Advice Note sets out how an LDO can represent a local solution to simplifying planning by focusing on local issues and providing local authorities with a flexible tool to address unique circumstances.

“This has been a very useful set of experiences, upon which we have been able to build an Advice Note for other local authorities considering using this mechanism,” said PAS Principal Consultant Phillipa Silcock. “And once again, PBA have provided very valuable advice.”

The note, which incorporates technical guidance on preparing an LDO, can be found on the PAS website here.