Unlocking potential in Gloucester City Centre

Unlocking potential in Gloucester City Centre

18 November 2016

GLOUCESTER - PBA prepare an LDO for the redevelopment of the Quayside and Blackfriars area in Gloucester.

PBA has prepared an LDO to help deliver mixed-use development on a key site in Gloucester. The site has the potential to provide housing for the city, student accommodation for the University of Gloucestershire and improve connections with the River Severn at the Quay.

The area is subject to significant constraints including archaeological restrictions, flooding and contamination. As a result, the site has long been underused and undervalued despite, being a key regeneration priority for the city.

As part of the appointment, PBA established the means to disseminate information and engage with key parties. We also undertook a review of previous work and policy guidelines and established a number of overarching design principles by drawing together the LDO and accompanying design guide.

Following a four-week statutory consultation period, the LDO will be considered at the city council’s planning committee in the New Year. If approved, the LDO should be the key that unlocks development potential and opens the door to regeneration for the local area.

Mary Crew, Principal Planner with PBA, commented: “The LDO has proved to be a positive planning tool in bringing together a comprehensive approach to the regeneration of a complex site. It will provide a platform for enabling developers to accelerate the delivery of development which is appropriate for the site and its setting. “