PBA helps secure parking app trial to help blue badge holders in Reading

PBA helps secure parking app trial for blue badge holders in Reading

9 December 2016

READING – PBA has helped Reading Borough Council secure a new trial to make life simpler for disabled people travelling around Reading.

The EU-funded project, called SIMON, involves a smartphone app which responds to sensors placed in disabled parking bays. The app allows blue badge holders to remotely detect when they are available.

PBA has been working with Reading Borough Council over several years to help improve communities and transport systems in the Reading area. As a result, PBA have been closely involved in securing finances for the SIMON trial by supporting the bid for innovation funding.

PBA have also been actively involved in the delivery of the SIMON trial by supporting the procurement and implementation of the parking bay monitoring system. 70 parking bays in the Reading area have been equipped with sensors that will update user’s phones. This is intended to increase visibility of disabled parking spaces which can be difficult to locate in unfamiliar areas.

Rob McDonald, PBA’s Director of Intelligent Transport Systems, commented: “We’re thrilled to have played a part in bringing SIMON to Reading. PBA are committed to improving transport for the people who live in this busy area of the country and this is just the latest solution we’ve been able to help deliver. It also marks an exciting step forward in Readings adoption of smart technology throughout its infrastructure.”

The app was developed by the European Transport Research Alliance (ETRA) and is also being piloted in cities in Spain, Portugal and Italy.