Appointing PBA


Appointing PBA

For many of our clients, we are appointed under PBA's standard terms and conditions. A copy of these terms can be made available on request. We are also very happy to discuss bespoke terms and conditions to meet particular client requirements.

For clients in the public and regulated sectors, we can be appointed through a variety of framework contracts. The Homes England Framework is a particularly useful and convenient way for public sector organisations to secure PBA's services throughout England and Wales. In London the Transport for London Suite of Frameworks for Transport, multidisciplinary design, planning, economics, and environmental services provides a similar procurement route.

We are also appointed to a number of Local Authority frameworks, and have a longstanding Consultancy Agreement in place with Reading Borough Council for transport planning, multidisciplinary services and policy development.

We provide a broad range of services to support the following public sector bodies in their property and development-related activities:

  • Homes England
  • Transport for London
  • Local authorities
  • Healthcare trusts and authorities
  • Education establishments
  • Urban regeneration companies
  • Department or Transport Rail Executive
  • Local enterprise partnerships
  • Network Rail
  • Highways England
  • Environment Agency
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Government departments
  • Registered social landlords