The Rookery Energy Park


The Rookery Energy Park

PBA has had a long-standing role in the development of an energy park at The Rookery clay pit in Marston Vale, Bedfordshire.

O&H is the landowner and Covanta is the world’s largest energy from waste operator. PBA represented O&H in a waste public inquiry in 2003.

From 2008, PBA supported both clients on their respective planning applications to restore the 90 hectare Rookery south brick pit and for the 585,000 (average) tpa Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) within it.

PBA has provided planning support, acoustics, EIA coordination, ecology, flooding, noise, transport, stakeholder engagement, geotechnical and geoenvironmental, project management, civil engineering and structural engineering services for the RRF and low level restoration scheme (LLRS) works.

We've also advised on the Construction Environmental Management Plan. The plan covers noise attenuation, and the management and monitoring of dust across the site. We were also appointed to assess the impact of noise associated with the corona effect of high voltage power lines servicing the facility.

In addition, PBA has provided an outline design for a hazardous waste landfill for the air pollution control (APC) residues at a separate location, and engineering input into the proposed waste transfer stations at Amersham and High Wycombe.

The planning application was accepted by the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) in August 2010. Covanta received its Development Consent Order (DCO) from the IPC in October 2011 - the first one in the UK from the IPC.

More recently, we’ve been appointed by Watt Power Limited to support its forthcoming DCO application for a 299MWe gas fired peaking plant within the Rookery. We’ve led this complex EIA and provided a wide suite of environmental services. The EIA has needed to be mindful of the wider development within the Energy Park and Marston Vale to ensure that all environmental effects are robustly addressed prior to submission of the DCO.