PBA team to take on masterplanning of Gloucester town centre redevelopment

PBA team to take on masterplanning of Gloucester town centre redevelopment

6 November 2015

BRISTOL – The Peter Brett Associates (PBA) landscape and placemaking team has been appointed as lead masterplanner for the redevelopment and regeneration of the Quayside/Blackfriars site in central Gloucester.

This is an exciting regeneration site in a key historic area. The project will involve creating a link between the city’s historic docks, the Cathedral and the River Severn. Our work will be sympathetic to the conservation status of the area, and the archaeological significance of the site, which is now mainly cleared or containing vacant buildings, along with some parking usage.

PBA’s role will be to provide a masterplan as part of a local development order (LDO) that de-risks the site, in order to deliver tangible results and create a level of confidence among potential developers that any technical obstacles can be overcome.

“As a multi-disciplinary practice, we are uniquely placed to offer integrated viability and planning work as part of our masterplanning service,” said PBA project manager Claire Mitcham. “We will be working closely with our planning and viability colleagues on the project to deliver results that are realistic and achievable and not just focused on vision. The aim is to generate development that will build on the city’s historic legacy and create a genuine sense of place and identity for the waterfront area.”

Cllr Paul James, leader of Gloucester City Council, said: “The regeneration of the Blackfriars and Quayside area is a major priority for the city. We’re delighted to have PBA on board, as they share our passion for the project and our goals.

"This announcement is a massive step forward for us and, when combined with the masterplanning work we are doing on the area with the county council, shows the prospects for transforming the area are the brightest they have been for a long time.

“Blackfriars and Quayside is a significant and historic area, linking the Docks, the Cathedral and the River Severn. Its regeneration, bringing more people to live and work in the city centre and attracting more visitors, will be a huge boost for the local economy.”