Peter Brett Foundation

Peter Brett Foundation

PBA has a long tradition of outreach work with schools, universities and other stakeholders in the education sector. In 2015 – our 50th year – we launched the Peter Brett Foundation to provide structure and purpose to this work. Since its launch we have worked to further our aim of inspiring, informing, and preparing young people for careers in the built and natural environment.

Through our work with local industry, education and public sector partners, we have been showing young people that maths, science, and social science subjects foster design and creativity offering mentorship and guidance long before GCSE choices are made. We’re also widening opportunities for access to our industry through apprenticeships, project-based experiences and alliances with schools, colleges and universities.


We now have over 40 STEM ambassadors and in the last year we have attended more than 50 school outreach events across the country. We have launched the ‘DOT in a box’ teaching toolkit with the University of Cambridge and supported the implementation of apprenticeships across a range of disciplines. 

Our work to nurture future generations of our industry is also starting to get recognised; earlier this year we were named as a Talent Champion by New Civil Engineer (NCE) for our work in this area. 



We believe there should be a strong link between education and industry. 


We aim for the very best in our partnerships with universities. 


We support the National Apprenticeship Consortium for Engineering.